“It Finally Came Through” Double Draw Player Wins $91,000

Bridgetown, Barbados – Tuesday, March 19, 2019: Glenfield Atherley has landed a $91,000 win from Barbados Lottery’s Double Draw game.

Atherley routinely purchases his tickets every morning before he sets off for work. He admits that he is not satisfied unless he has his tickets, because he refuses to miss out on an opportunity to win.

“I keep my tickets for a couple of weeks before I decide to get them checked, then I take them and get all checked at the same time.” Atherley shared. 

When the cashier revealed the good news, the lucky winner could not control his thoughts. “When she told me, all kind of things went through my mind while wondering how much it was. I wanted to keep myself in suspense for a while, but I couldn’t any longer.” Atherley then went to the Barbados Lottery head office where he found out he had won $91,000. 

“I was always hoping to win something on one of the top prize games and it finally came through.”

The father of two plans on using his winnings to assist in building a home for his sons and taking care of their educational expenses. 

Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Operations Manager at Barbados Lottery, was happy to congratulate the winner on behalf of her team. “Mr. Atherley is one of our regular committed Barbados Lottery players and now as a winner, we are delighted to share in this life changing moment.  Most importantly, he has assured us that he will surely put his winnings to good use, as this win will not only benefit him, but also his family.”

Atherley offered some words of encouragement to his fellow lottery players, “I would encourage anyone to keep playing and I will definitely continue because this is just the beginning of winnings for me.”



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