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Awaiting Results

Awaiting Results


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  1. Each play slip has 5 panels marked A-E.
  2. Each panel contains four columns of numbers ranging from 0 to 9.
  3. Select 4 (four) numbers in each panel, one in each column, starting with Panel A. You can have the computer randomly select your numbers for you by marking the “QUICK PICK” box. Alternatively ask the retailer for a “QUICK PICK.”
  4. Select your BET AMOUNT from $1, $2, $5, or $10.
  6. There are four PICK 4 draws a day, so decide which game you want to enter by marking your selection in the column headed TIME OF DRAW. You can mark one box only from a choice of MORNING, MIDDAY, SUNSET, EVENING or ALL.
  7. PICK 4 has an ADVANCED PLAY feature that lets you play your choice of games for any day of the week. You can select to play for up to seven days. That’s up to four draws a day, seven days a week with three prize payouts giving you up to 84 prizes to aim for with each game panel!
  8. Alternatively you can play in advance by selecting how many draws you wish your numbers to run for in the NUMBER OF DRAWS column. For example if you selected 4 in this column and had selected MIDDAY in the left hand column, then your numbers will be entered into the next four consecutive MIDDAY draws.
  9. You can elect to play the ADVANCE PLAY feature or the NUMBER OF DRAWS feature but NOT BOTH.
  10. Use only blue ink, black ink or pencil for marking. Red Ink will NOT work.
  11. If you make a mistake mark the “VOID” box. DO NOT ERASE!
Bet type Explanation
STR Straight Bet. A Straight wager wins when the selected four-digit number matches the winning numbers exactly as drawn.
BOX Box bet. is a bet in which the player’s numbers match the drawn numbers in any order;

24 Way Box Box bet in which all 4 numbers are different (e.g. 1234)

12 Way Box Box bet in which two number numbers are alike (e.g. 1123)

6 Way Box Box bet in which two sets of numbers are alike (e.g. 1122)

4 Way Box Box bet in which three numbers are alike (e.g. 1112)
STR/BOX Straight box bet is a bet in which the player can win both the straight and box bets at the same time:

24 Way Straight/Box Straight/Box bet in which all 4 numbers are different (e.g. 1234)

12 Way Straight/Box Straight/Box bet in which two numbers are alike (e.g. 1123)

6 Way Straight/Box Straight/Box bet in which two sets of numbers are alike (e.g. 1122)

4 Way Straight/Box Straight/Box bet in which three numbers are alike (e.g. 1112)
FRONT 3 First 3 digits of the player’s numbers match the first three numbers drawn
BACK 3 Last 3 digits of the player’s numbers match the last three numbers drawn
Combination bets By combining one or more of the above bet types, a player may also wager for the following combination bets:

  1. Front 3/Back 3/Straight
  2. Front 3/Back 3/Box (3-Way)
  3. Front 3/Back 3/Box (6-Way)
  4. Front 3/Back 3/Straight Box (3-Way)
  5. Front 3/Back 3/Straight Box (6-Way)

Drawings are held daily at 10:00, 1:00, 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. Tickets may be purchased until 5 minutes before the drawing. Tickets purchased after that time will be for the next drawing. 

After selecting your numbers and options, check your play slip before handing it to a Lottery retailer. The Lottery terminal will print a ticket which is your proof of purchase and entry into the draw. Always check your ticket to ensure it has the numbers you selected and the draws in which you want to play.


Prize amounts for Pick 4

Bet type Number Wagered (Sample) Description Total Wager Amount First prize Second prize Third prize
Straight 1234 In Order $1 $4000 $1000 $250
Box (24 Way) 1234 All Different $1 $166 $41 $10
Box (12 Way) 1123 Two Alike $1 $333 $83 $20
Box (6 Way) 1122 Two Sets $1 $666 $166 $41
Box (4 Way) 1122 Three Sets $1 $1000 $250 $62
Str/Box (24 Way) 1234 All DIfferent $2 $4,166
($4000 str + $166 Box)
($1000 str + $41 box)
($250 str + $10 box)
Str/Box (12 Way) 1123 Two Alike $2 $4,333
($4000 str + $333 box)
($1000 str + $83 box)
($250 str + $20 box)
Str/Box (6 Way) 1122 Two Sets $2 $4666
($4000 str + $666 box)
($1000 str + $166 Box)
($250 str + $41 box)
Str/Box (4 Way) 1112 Three Alike $2 $5000
(4000 str + 1000 box)
($1000 str + $250 box)
($250 str + $62 box)
Front3/Back3 Straight 123 All Different $1 $400 $75 $50
Front3/Back3 Box (6 Way) 123 All Different $1 $65 $12 $9
Front3/Back3 Box (3 Way) 112 Two Alike $1 $135 $25 $17
Front3/Back3 Str/Box (6 Way) 123 All Different $2 $466 $44 $30
Front3/Back3 Str/Box (3 Way) 112 Two Alike $2 $535 $50 $34

PICK 4 Liability Limit

The Lottery’s gaming software is programmed, to meet the Lottery’s internal risk management requirements, to restrict the per draw prize liability exposure on the Pick 4 game to $1,000,000 per bet type; this means that, for example, in the event that betting on a particular sequence of numbers is so heavy, the Lottery’s exposure reaches $1,000,000 for any bet type , for example, a 1-2-3-4 sequence, the system will automatically bar and decline further bet transactions of the sequence at all lottery terminals. The effect on the potential prize payouts in this very rare scenario is that prizes would be paid on a pari-mutuel basis, if the sequence of numbers were drawn.

Draw results are available on this website, at authorized Lottery retailers and at (246) 434-2222.

* Sign the back of your ticket in the space provided.

* You can claim your prizes at any Lottery agent or at the Lottery office.

* Winners of prizes over $750 must have a valid ID to claim a prize and collect it at the local Lottery office.

* All prizes must be claimed within 90 days after draw date.

* All prizes are payable in local currency only.

* If you claim a prize on a winning Advance Play ticket before all of the draws on the ticket have occurred, you will be issued an exchange ticket for the remaining draws with the same play numbers as the original ticket.

* All prizes over $1,000 must complete a prize claim form. Completing and submitting ahead of you visit to the lottery office will reduce the processing time.

* You must present a valid ticket to claim a prize; the ticket is the only proof of your number selection and is the only valid receipt to claim a prize. A play slip does not constitute evidence of a winning ticket or numbers selected.

* The Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

* Tickets, transactions and winners are subject to the Lottery rules, regulations and procedures.

* Tickets are void and will not be paid if unissued, illegible, previously paid, mutilated or misprinted, not properly registered with the Lottery Central Computer, or altered in any way.

* You must be 18 years or older to purchase or redeem tickets.


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