First-Time Mega 6 Winner Breathes “A Sigh of Relief”

Bridgetown, Barbados – November 14, 2019: Mr. A. Hinds says that he is “not an excitable person.” However, when he won at his favourite Barbados Lottery game, the Mega 6, he gave “a sigh of relief,” he says.

Mr. Hinds won BD$890,000 with a ticket purchased at the Montrose Supermarket in Christ Church. The 38-year-old chose his winning numbers randomly. He has been a dedicated Mega 6 player for the past five years, but even though he’s not quite sure how he will use the money, he plans to pay some outstanding bills first.

“We are delighted at Mr. Hinds’ first-time win, and congratulate him warmly,” said Mrs. Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Operations Manager at The Barbados Lottery. “We are glad to hear that he will continue playing Mega 6 as our games offer chances to winners to have fun with the money, build or to do good for their families and others. We know that Mr. Hinds will make good use of his winnings.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Hinds feels very happy about his win.  His advice to other Barbados Lottery players is, “Without a ticket, you don’t have a chance.” He will continue to play his favourite, Mega 6.



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