Do you have WHATEVER IT TAKES like Basil to win the Jackpot with Mega 6 and The Barbados Lottery?

Bridgetown, Barbados – December 09, 2021: Do you take a chance on a dream, wear a lucky hat, maybe even make a wish with your lucky rabbit foot or just play your regular favourite numbers?  No matter the trick or the script, The Barbados Lottery wants to know if you have WHATEVER IT TAKES to win the Jackpot with Mega 6!

If the experience of our most recent Mega 6 Jackpot winner is any indication, we know that Basil Whitehead definitely has whatever it takes to win the Jackpot with Mega 6, his “favourite game”.

With his recent Mega 6 Jackpot win of $610,000, Mr. Whitehead “uses the same numbers regularly” when he plays with The Barbados Lottery and has been doing so for more than 18 years, now finally receiving the win of a lifetime.

Although a bit nervous, Mr. Whitehead stated that he purchased his winning Mega 6 ticket using $7 from a previous win, along with his lucky numbers
02 04 10 17 22 31, from The Barbados Lottery retail agent at the Rubis Service Station in Harmony Hall, St. Michael.  He indicated that he plans to: “Purchase some land or property and give some towards charity.”

You too can do Whatever It Takes to win the Jackpot with Mega 6. With just $2 per ticket available from Barbados Lottery retail agents islandwide, you can play Mega 6 your way, with weekly draws each Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8 PM, for a chance to win $375,000 and more!

Remember, you can also play in advance, up to 50 draws.

Mrs. Shelly Ann Hee Chung, General Manager for IGT Antilles operations (The Barbados Lottery & Caribbean Lottery), says that she always looks forward to hearing the many interesting ways each Mega 6 winner uses to reach their Jackpot milestones.  She anticipates that “like Mr. Whitehead our future Mega 6 winners, will do Whatever It Takes to win the Jackpot and fulfill their wildest dreams.”

Since the start of the game in 2005, Mega 6 has recorded 114 jackpot winners, with a payout of over $85 million. For the year thus far, The Barbados Lottery has paid over $3.2 million to Mega 6 winners.

One bit of advice from Mr. Whitehead for the dreamers, the wishers, the thinkers and the planners: “Don’t give up, just continue to play.”  So play today and do whatever it takes to win the Jackpot with Mega 6 and The Barbados Lottery!



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