St. Michael, Barbados – Thursday, January 11, 2018: Colin Burke, a dedicated lottery player, is the winner of The Barbados Lottery’s Mega 6 jackpot of $427,500. He purchased the winning ticket at the Roadview Variety Store in Jackmans, St. Michael, and as the sole winner he will walk away with the full amount.

Burke, who works as a truck driver, said that his winning numbers were picked at random by the game’s Quick Pick feature. He bought his ticket on Friday; on Monday he returned to the store to check if the numbers drawn matched the numbers on his ticket. On hearing from the shop cashier that he had won, Burke said that his initial reaction was to feel “extremely thankful.” However, he remained calm and collected, while the life-changing news sank in.

While still trying to absorb his win, Mr. Burke said he wanted to continue his day normally by heading to work as usual. Even though he had not told many people, some of his work colleagues had caught wind of the news and were expressing great delight on his behalf. It was only after seeing his colleagues’ reactions that it all began to sink in. “It was hard to stay casual about everything when my colleagues were getting so excited for me.”

When asked how long he had been playing the lottery, Mr. Burke said, “Many, many years. So many years that I don’t remember exactly when I started.” This dedication finally paid off for Burke, whose favourite games are Mega 6 and Double Draw. Despite his big win, Mr. Burke says that he wants to remain humble and even though he says, “You always have a purpose for money” he doesn’t want his everyday life to change too much. However, he will have peace of mind after clearing all his debts. Fontana Roach, Brand Manager of The Barbados Lottery was keen to express her pleasure at Burke’s win: “Mr. Burke is a very deserving winner of the jackpot, given his commitment to the game over the years. I am extremely happy for him.” Ms. Roach also took the opportunity to encourage more people to play, pointing out that The Barbados Lottery supports many good causes such as the National Sports Council and The Barbados Olympic Association.

Mega 6 draws are done four times a week, live, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and are aired on CBC Television. Tickets cost only $2 each and are available at 233 retailers islandwide.



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