'Barbados’ newest millionaire elated at Mega 6 Jackpot Lottery win'

Bridgetown, Barbados - Friday June 19, 2020: Deighton Roach beamed with joy when he received his cheque for $1,567,000 as the first Mega 6 Jackpot Lottery winner for 2020.

When Mr. Roach bought his winning ticket for Draw 4530 on Tuesday June 09, 2020, from The Barbados Lottery retail agent F & F Services in Inchcape, Wellhouse, St. Philip, he had no idea he was about to become Barbados’ newest millionaire. “I checked the numbers 05, 07, 08, 15, 20, 21 and realised I had won the Mega 6 Jackpot. I was in shock but elated because I had won smaller amounts before, but this is my first time winning something of this magnitude,” said Mr. Roach. When he shared the news with his wife she was also in disbelief. “She did not believe it until I showed her the ticket and the numbers,” he said.

An eager Deighton explained that he has been playing Mega 6 since 2005. “Mega 6 is my favourite game. I play every week along with Super Lotto and sometimes the scratch games. But I will definitely keep playing Mega 6 ‘cause one and one is two and you never know when I can win big again. This is a lifetime win.”

Mr. Roach looks forward to paying off ‘petty’ debts and utility bills “Then the kids will get something tangible.” He encourages other players to “Keep playing Mega 6 and the Super Lotto, you should always play for the biggest money.”

Operator and longstanding lottery agent owner Marcia Clarke of F & F Services also shared her excitement for the jackpot being won at her location. This Mega 6 Jackpot is not the first big win for F & F Services. In May 2019, she recorded the 1st ever Express Cash Jackpot winner as well as a recent Super Lotto $20,000 win, both purchased at her agent location.

“I’ve been operating my shop for approximately twenty years, including ten years as a Barbados Lottery agent. My customers love Mega 6 and the Super Lotto and despite COVID-19, I am lucky to still have my regular customers who say that I am pleasant and honest. I feel good about it every day and I recommend becoming a Barbados Lottery agent to anyone.” Ms. Clarke’s customers truly agree and wish her even more Jackpot wins in the future.

Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Manager at The Barbados Lottery complimented Ms. Clarke for her dedication as a model Lottery agent and congratulated Mr. Roach and his family on his million-dollar jackpot hit. “It is satisfying to see a truly dedicated player like Mr. Roach realise his lifetime dream of hitting the Lottery Jackpot. He has been a consistent player of Mega 6 since 2005 and is now walking away with a cheque for $1,567,000. Mr. Roach is a testament that dreams do come true when you play and win with The Barbados Lottery.”

Mrs. Hee Chung further added, “As luck would have it, in less than a week, we have a second Mega 6 Jackpot hit and we are currently on the hunt for the lucky winner of $385,000. Be sure to check your Mega 6 tickets!”

Since the start of the game in 2005, Mega 6 recorded 110 jackpot winners. For the year thus far, The Barbados Lottery has paid over $2.6 million to Mega 6 winners and over $6 million in 2019.

Proceeds from The Barbados Lottery games, including Mega 6, support the many sports, youth and cultural programmes provided by beneficiaries: The Barbados Cricket Association, The Barbados Turf Club, The Barbados Olympic Association and National Sports Council.

Mega 6 draws take place four times per week, live, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 pm. Tickets cost only $2 each and are available at The Barbados Lottery retail agents island wide.



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