'Back to Back Mega 6 Jackpot wins recorded in June!'

Bridgetown, Barbados – July 8, 2020: Mr. Tyrone Harvey says that he has been playing Mega 6 since the start of the game, “I always had the feeling that I would win big with Mega 6” and that finally became a reality with his recent big win of $385,000.00.

Mr. Harvey purchased his winning ticket for Draw 4535 on Thursday June 18, 2020, from The Barbados Lottery retail agent B & D Variety, Howells Cross Road, St. Michael. He won playing his regular numbers 01, 02, 08, 14, 26, 31 and has been a dedicated Mega 6 player since its inception.

When asked how he felt about his win, Mr. Harvey calmly stated “I feel great. I always had the feeling that I would win big with Mega 6, so I kept playing and will continue to play.” He further indicated that he was in need and wanted to assist his family. “I can now build a home for my wife and five children and I will definitely take some before and after photos. There aren’t enough words to describe how I feel, but I know the Lord helped me,” he replied.

“We are delighted at Mr. Harvey’s win with Mega 6, which along with the recent $ 1.5 million dollar Mega 6 Jackpot win, has resulted in two successive big wins for the month of June. It will also serve as a timely testament to the dedication of our players and as a means of encouragement during this period of uncertainty” said Mrs. Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Manager at The Barbados Lottery.

Since the start of the game in 2005, Mega 6 recorded 110 jackpot winners. For the year thus far, The Barbados Lottery has paid over $2.68 million to Mega 6 winners and over $6 million in 2019.

Mrs. Hee Chung also reiterated that, “Our games offer chances to players to not only have fun, but to also make their dreams a reality for themselves and their families. As the second Mega 6 Jackpot winner for 2020 we congratulate Mr. Harvey and we know that he will make good use of his winnings.”

Shop operator and lottery agent DaCosta Lynch of B & D Variety expressed his joy about the jackpot win. He stated that whilst he has had smaller wins in the past with various Barbados Lottery games, this is the biggest so far and he is expecting even more for the future.

“When the COVID-19 restrictions began to ease up and community shops were allowed to reopen, my shop was one of the only ones that continued to sell the lottery games,” Mr. Lynch confirmed.

“Customers from as far as St. Lucy heard about me and came to purchase and cash their tickets. I never refused them even when my cash supply was low, I still provided my services,” he further stated.

Mr. Lynch happily stated that despite working during an uncertain time, it finally paid off with someone from the district winning big through his shop.
“It’s amazing, I recently told a representative of The Barbados Lottery that I hope something really good happens very soon and a few days later I got the call about this win.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Harvey reiterated that he would continue playing because, “I will probably win again. You never know, sometimes you can get back something and play again.” He also encourages other Barbados Lottery players to “Keep trying don’t give up. One day you will hit it. Because without a ticket you don’t have a chance.”

Proceeds from The Barbados Lottery games, including Mega 6, support the many sports, youth and cultural programmes provided by beneficiaries: The Barbados Cricket Association, The Barbados Turf Club, The Barbados Olympic Association and National Sports Council.

Mega 6 draws take place four times per week, live, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 pm. Tickets cost only $2 each and are available at The Barbados Lottery retail agents island wide.



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