58K Jumbo Crazy 8’s win with The Barbados Lottery and iMart Sheraton!

Bridgetown, Barbados – 22 September 2020: A very happy Jeffrey Babb is smiling after his recent win with The Barbados Lottery Retail agent iMart, in the Sheraton Centre Mall.  During his visit to ‘The Mall that has it All’, Mr. Babb made a quick stop inside iMart Sheraton to purchase a Caribbean Keno ticket, and as luck would have it, he changed his mind and purchased a Jumbo Crazy 8’s instant scratch ticket instead.  This switch proved to be a win of a lifetime, resulting in the top prize of $58,000.

“Normally I play Super Lotto, Mega 6, Double Draw and the scratch games” said the married father of four. “So, this time I was going to try the Keno game, but somehow I switched to a scratch game instead and it paid off,”  he happily exclaimed.

Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Manager at The Barbados Lottery, enthused: “I am delighted for Mr. Babb.  We at The Barbados Lottery warmly congratulate him on his ‘jumbo’ win.  Although he has only been playing the Jumbo Crazy 8’s game for three months,  Mr. Babb was certainly blessed with ‘jumbo crazy’ luck in winning the top prize!”

Mrs. Hee Chung also encouraged more people to play the wide range of instant scratch ticket games starting from as low as $2 and up to $20:  “Jumbo Crazy 8’s is just one of the many instant scratch ticket games offered by The Barbados Lottery.  We’re in the business of making dreams come true for thousands of lucky winners.  So, look out for many more fresh and exciting games like our brand new $20 Ultimate Crazy 8’s instant scratch ticket in the month of October, boasting a top prize of $208,000!”

From as low as $2, customers can scratch and win instant cash and prizes up to $10,000 and up to $208,000 for the $20 instant scratch ticket games.  

Paula Hunte Supervisor at iMart Sheraton, shared her thoughts on the win stating: “We are very proud and happy to have sold the winning Jumbo Crazy 8s scratch ticket and wish Mr. Babb the very best.”  Ms. Hunte also informed: “iMart Sheraton has operated as a Barbados Lottery retail agent for over 13 years, and we strive to assist our customers in the best way possible.  Whenever possible we encourage our customers to try their luck in purchasing a variety of Barbados Lottery games.  Our cashiers continue to work well with customers, in providing efficient service to both Barbados Lottery players and non-players alike. 

Ms. Hunte also invited Mr. Babb to keep playing and winning with iMart Sheraton adding that: “We will remain your efficient ‘go to’ Barbados Lottery retail agent for many more years to come, when you shop with us at the mall that has it all.”

Mr. Babb later stated that he had been concerned about his house, which needed some repairs.  Now he will be able to get to work on it with his new winnings and clear some debts.  He also confirmed that he would remain a Barbados Lottery fan.  “Keep on playing” he says,  “One day you will win.”

The funds received from the sale of all Barbados Lottery games, directly support the nation’s youth, sports and culture development initiatives through the Barbados Cricket Association, Barbados Olympic Association, Barbados Sports Club and the National Sports Council.



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