Three Barbados Lottery players cop $177,002 in winnings

Bridgetown, Barbados – Friday, June 2, 2017: Three game players in Barbados Lottery’s Double Draw, Super Lotto and Super Sizzling 7 games, collectively won a whopping $177,002 in cash prizes for the month of May.

These winners are: Shernelle Boyce, Gabriel Medford and Antonett Weekes.

Boyce, who purchased a Super Lotto ticket won $20,000, while Medford who purchased a Double Draw ticket won $50,002 and Weekes, who purchased a Super Sizzling 7 ticket won $107,000. 

The winners were elated to receive their cheques with their cash prizes on May 31.

Weekes, who won the most, excitedly said, “I feel real good since this is the first time I purchased a Super Sizzling 7 scratch ticket and having gotten married last year, and not having a honeymoon, now my husband and I will have a real honeymoon travelling.”

Medford, who won the second highest amount, was equally as excited as Weekes.

“This is the first quick pick I ever bought, and to win I feel great. Normally, I pick my own numbers especially for Double Draw, my favourite game. I play Keno, Express Cash, Super Lotto and Instant Scratch Ticket (IST) daily and have been doing this for many years,” Medford said.

Boyce says she now has no regrets in taking a chance in playing Super Lotto.

“A friend and I were talking and I told him I feel lucky, so he told me to purchase a Lottery ticket. I bought a Double Draw and then I decided I should also try Super Lotto (for the first time) and Mega 6, and I won. Wow, I feel good!” she exclaimed.

The Barbados Lottery congratulated all three players on their wins.

On behalf of the company, Dentonia Brewster, Site Manager, stated, “We congratulate all three players and applaud Weekes and Boyce on winning after playing these games for the first time. We hope other players will be encouraged by their bold moves and win big in our lottery games.”

All three players had advice for other players.

“You never know when you will get lucky, so have a ticket and you have a chance,” says Weekes, whose favourite Barbados Lottery games are: IST Super Lotto, Mega 6 and Double Draw.

Medford, who intends on investing his winnings in a small business venture says, “Keep playing, never know when it will be your day.”

“I took one chance and won. Who knows, you could be a winner, so play the lottery games,” Boyce advises.



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