New Year Winnings for two Double Draw 7 spot winners

Bridgetown, Barbados – Thursday, January 12, 2017: Two lucky Barbados Lottery players will have reason to celebrate the New Year as they are both recent winners in the Double Draw 7 Spot lottery game.  

Gilbertha Fontenelle of Haggatt Hall and Jason Gibson of St. John will be enjoying 2017 with lots more cash than they started the year with, totalling $168,001 to be exact. 

In expressing his plans for his winnings, Jason Gibson, who purchased his ticket on December 29, 2016, just three days before the New Year, said, “I am very excited, as this winning will make a total difference in my life. I plan to pay off my debts, spend a little on a pleasurable event with my family and save the remainder.”

An avid daily player of the Barbados Lottery’s games Double Draw, Mega 6 and Super Lotto for the past 10 years, this is by no means Mr Gibson’s first win but is, by far, his largest, amounting to $133,500. “Just keep on playing, you never know what the future holds” advises Mr Gibson to other players. His winning ticket was purchased from Pat’s Art and Craft Variety Shop. 

Three days into 2017 Gilbertha Fontenelle had no idea she would be $34,501 richer, after purchasing her winning ticket at Rubis, My Lords Hill.  In explaining her personal winning method, Ms. Fontenelle stated, “I pick the birth dates of my family as the numbers I use in this game.” Ms Fontenelle, who plays daily, has been a player of lottery games Double Draw, Mega 6 and Super Lotto, for many years. She previously won a big prize years ago, and states that she is very excited with her recent win which she says “will make a total difference in my life.” She plans to use the winnings to travel to St Lucia to visit her family and save the remainder.

To other players, she says, “Continue playing, do not stop, one day the luck will come your way!”  

“At Barbados Lottery, we are always happy when our players become winners and get a chance to make their desires and dreams come to life,” said Dentonia Brewster, Site Operations manager of Barbados Lottery. Brewster added, “This continues to confirm that with Barbados Lottery you can be a winner and winnings can happen more than once as is the case with these our recent repeat winners.”  

Double Draw is played four times daily, with the price of tickets varying from $1 to $20”. 

The Lottery currently offers players a suite of eight games: Super Lotto, Pick 3, Pick 4, Caribbean Keno, Double Draw, Instant Scratch, Mega 6 and its new game Express Cash.



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