Mega 6 Jackpot Winner’s Plans Will Be Going Swimmingly

Bridgetown, Barbados – June 28, 2019: 64-year-old Robert Myers sees himself as an “Honorary Bajan.” Born in the UK, he has visited and lived in Barbados for the past forty years. “Despite traveling extensively, this island is my place in the sun,” he said, whilst considering his Mega 6 jackpot winnings, which total a whopping BDS$2,115,000.

Mr. Myers said that his big win would not make a major difference to his life. However, he does have important plans on what to do with the money. Apart from buying a new car (and a little family celebration), the father of eight children plans to establish a swimming academy on the island. He believes that young Barbadian children need to learn to swim, having known of too many who have lost their lives. On an island surrounded by water, Mr. Myers sees swimming as a critical skill to learn.

The Mega 6 winner told a story to illustrate his point. “In my earlier years, when I was in my twenties and visiting the island, I had my own near-death experience, when I dove into the shallow end of a pool.” After he had recovered, the experience emphasized “the importance of knowing how to swim effectively.” 

Shelly-Ann Hee Chung, Site Operations Manager at The Barbados Lottery, was delighted at Mr. Myers’ Mega 6 win. “We are very impressed by Mr. Myers’ plans to put his winnings to good use, as we’re sure that the whole island will benefit from this planned venture. The Barbados Lottery is happy that Mr. Myers has put down roots on our island and wish him all the best as he fulfills his dream.” 

Mr. Myers said the Mega 6 game is his favorite. “I have been playing it too many years to remember,” he added. When asked if he would continue playing, he said, “Absolutely! If you ain’t in it you can’t win it. Just one ticket is needed.”

Further commenting on his win, he declared, “I feel good! Even though they are more important things than money, it still helps you sleep contentedly at night.”



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