Mega 6 Jackpot to Hit the $1 Million Mark on Friday, February 28

Bridgetown, Barbados – February 27, 2020: Some lucky person may be One Million Dollars richer this weekend when the Barbados Lottery’s Mega 6 Jackpot hits the “million-dollar mark”. The last two big wins saw one lucky player, Mr. A. Hinds, winning BD$890,000 and the other, Mr. Robert Myers, taking the whopping Mega 6 jackpot of BD$2,115,000.

If the experience of the two most recent winners are any indication of who the lucky winner will be this time, it will go to someone who considers the Mega 6 as their “favourite game” and plays the game “on a regular basis”. Those are two of the similarities between Mr. Hinds and Mr. Myers. 

Of course, there were also some differences between those two past Mega 6 winners, such as their ages. Mr. Hinds was only 38 years of age when he took home his winnings in November 2019, while Mr. Myers was 64 years young when he became a Mega 6 Millionaire in June last year. So, it seems age is just a number for all who will be selecting their numbers for the Million Dollar Mega 6 Jackpot.

Mrs. Shelly-Ann Hee Chung, Site Operations Manager at The Barbados Lottery, says that she excitably looks forward to reaching this million dollar milestone and anticipates that “like the past winners of the Mega 6 jackpot, new winners will also put their winnings to good use, such as paying off their debts, assisting family members, and perhaps additional plans to teach young Barbadians to swim.”

One bit of advice each winner over the years has left for other players: “You have to be in it to win it!”



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