Esther McClean Lands $250,000 Win With Double Draw

Bridgetown, Barbados - January 30, 2019: An excited Esther McClean has collected a cheque for $250,000 from her recent Double Draw win.

When Ms McClean purchased her tickets, she had no idea she would win big. She bought her tickets as she normally does every morning, then went on with her day. A few hours later she decided to check her tickets online. 

Upon realizing that she had won, she told her son, “I have money, and a lot.” McClean says she always buys the multiplier, so she knew instantly that it was a big win. 

“I was so nervous; my hand began to tremble. I then called my other son and daughter and told them the good news.” 

McClean added that it felt so surreal that she and her son had to triple check to ensure it was true. 

Double Draw is McClean’s favourite game. Although this is not her first time winning, it is her biggest win so far and she is extremely grateful. “This is my biggest win ever after playing for so many years.”

Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Operations Manager at Barbados Lottery, shared her excitement on behalf of her team: “The Barbados Lottery team is so happy for Ms McClean and her family. We enjoy seeing our dedicated players winning while playing their favourite games.” 

In all the excitement and joy, the lucky mother has not yet wrapped her head around how she’ll use her winnings. “It still hasn’t fully settled in to decide what plans I have.” 

McClean has some advice for her fellow Double Draw players, “Always play the multiplier to increase your chances of winning ‘cause you never know when the multiplier 5 may come.” 



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