$30,001 Double Draw win a big surprise

JALESHA FRANCIS is still beaming after a Quick Pick ticket she purchased at the Sawh Bank Hall on King George Road turned her into a winner in the Barbados Lottery Double Draw. The $25 001 win (plus the $5 000 Bonus Ball) will definitely come in handy. “I sent someone to purchase a 6 spot Quick Pick on Thursday evening,” said a usually busy Francis, “I checked the ticket in the night and realised that I didn’t win anything.” Undettered, the 25-year-old mother of one boy checked again the following day. “For the very last draw on Friday night, I checked online after and realised I had won.” Francis has been playing for only about a year after being enticed by the popularity of the Double Draw game. She has no regrets as it has, understandably, become her favourite.

“I could not believe it,” she said, still reeling from the shock of her win. “All the things I could do with the money started coming to mind. I told my mom and dad, they were excited.” Francis plans to put most of the money into a savings account for her son and the rest she will put towards her plans of buying a new car. Site Operations Manager at the Barbados Lottery, Shelly-Ann Hee Chung, congratulated Francis on her big win saying, “We at the Barbados Lottery are so delighted for you and your family. “It’s always good to see anyone win; but it is especially nice when a mother can get a little top-up.” Francis will continue to play the Double Draw. To anyone who hasn’t yet won, she offers this advice: “Keep trying,” she says, “one day you will be next!”



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